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Those with planets between degrees will be the most affected.

by Hank Friedman

Everyone can feel supported in the areas of personal growth and opening themselves to new possibilities. Prepare now for new undertakings, but take realistic action after Mercury goes direct March 17 and Mars enters Aries March Seven celestial bodies in Pisces offers us exceptional openings for healing, letting go, and deep shifts in consciousness. This is definitely a day for meditation, to go within, and to connect with yourself.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and our final stage of incarnated life. In Pisces territory we turn inward, enter the transpersonal arena of reality, leave logic and thinking behind, and return to our Source. We enter the mystery zone of the Unknown, the Unseen, and unconditional Love.

In Pisces territory we enter the unconscious, the subconscious, the imagination, the dream world, and the primal world of emotions and instincts. The confused and tormented Fish, which has no experience of the sacred and the Infinite, falls prey to addictions and various forms of escapism and victimization. The overstimulation and the multitude of escape routes available in the technological society leaves us desperate to find inner peace and the Divine.

Pisces invites us to enter the Unseen mysterious realm in meditation and silence. The Pisces zone is filled with spiritual gifts — we are able to let to, surrender, trust, forgive, and live in humble gratitude. We are in love with Love and blissfully relate to the Unseen. Pisces territory opens the possibility of experiencing our oneness with the Infinite. However, it takes disciplined effort and life experience to get there. It is part of the unawakened human condition to feel abandoned, separated, and alone in the world and universe.

Sign Emphasis

We enter relationships to overcome our pain of separation, and still feel alone. The problem is that we look outside ourselves, in other people and in an external male God for what we must find within our own being. Pisces reminds us to look, listen, and feel inside our mind, body and heart. Everything is inside. With our subtle faculties, we can experience and become aware of a reality where we are not separate. We experience the force of Love that is in everyone and everywhere.

The Vedic Signs

We heal our separation and abandonment wounds when we connect to the space and infinite energies that we all share. Venus is now coming to her maximum brightness as an evening star, brilliant in the western sky after sunset.

Mars is close to the Earth and moving at his quickest pace in the retrograde phase as he approaches an opposition to the Sun on March 3rd. Sometimes I turn on the cable news during the day between work projects to see what everyone else is doing. Even more troublesome, the terrible increase of violence and repression in Syria, Egypt, Tibet — and Israel and Iran again getting to the brink of making serious threats.

Sun Moon Mars Venus Conjunction

In the mysterious and multivalent world in which we astrologers dwell, each planet has innumerable guises. I do, perhaps, have a natural need and propensity to look inside, to go deep, go back and re-examine, again and again. So, I have been catching the iron of Mars these past weeks in different layers of experience.

Turning on the world news is one way to notice Mars. Practically every man in my life, i. In the tradition of rulership, Venus is exalted in Pisces. Neptune has just moved into Pisces, providing a long, soft backdrop to all Pisces planets. One striking event involved a gentleman who I had not seen for a few months. He was a close friend who had played a very supportive role in a very stressful time last summer.

He dropped by unannounced which alone puts a Scorpio Ascendant into panic to tell me about a situation — from a year ago! I felt like I had entered a psychic battlefield. I was stunned, but did my best to take the high road and take responsibility for my part in what seemed to me a long ago miscommunication. That worked for a few minutes, but then it seemed that my willingness to be vulnerable riled him further and, in my own tribute to Mars, I had a fit and asked told? Talk about Mars retrograde bringing unresolved issues with anger, with men from the past.

This event was quite literal and personal between him and me but there are other layers too. One day, I had a near panic level of internal anxiety, along with a few very demanding days of client work. Mars is naturally relentless. The stovetop too gets a fine scrubbing before I have settled down. All homage to Mars in Virgo steering me to take action in something practical. Psychologically, Mars retrograde can signify the retrieval of memories of actions left incomplete; we may see patterns long hidden.

A clue with a retrograde is to look within.

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Knowing I was in the realm of a deep clearing, I had some sessions with a healer a technique called BodyTalk to help all of this inner activity move along constructively. She strengthened my connection with certain male ancestors, including my grandfather who died when I was very young but whom I remember as a very kind and soft-spoken man. As we are sometimes acutely aware, the past, the present and the future can collapse into a timeless moment.

Those Wild Out-of-Bounds Planets

Bringing in Venus again, in basic psychological understanding, we see the opposition aspect as one of projection — the notion that we attract from life itself what we cannot see in ourselves, to be part of our path towards wholeness. Planets in opposition stand apart from one another across the vast expanse of space and can illuminate the other from afar. We could say that the wisdom from the masculine and feminine forces have been at their most visible and striking. Mars cuts, separates, distinguishes, compartmentalizes.

Venus merges, wants connection with all that is. Venus is powerful in Pisces, what does she want? I have a friend with Pisces rising; the transiting opposition is across her 1st and 7th houses. This is the best response to any Saturn transit—focus and sustained effort. Raul, the husband of Una discussed earlier is a software engineer.

Spirituality is a growing interest for him, which has grown even stronger recently with transiting Uranus square his Sun-Neptune. Here is yet another way that astrology exceeds any other comparable tool for personal guidance, because it can illuminate how a path to God and enlightenment are valid life goals. He should position himself by establishing trust and by demonstrating his competence and reliability. Another advantage vocational astrology has over other methods of vocational guidance is the wisdom it teaches us about timing. For example, the monthly lunation cycle and the progressed lunation cycle are important indicators of seasonal phases and rhythms of life and career.

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We have to wait out those times with faith, prayer, and surrender. More active or culminating periods of professional activity can be anticipated during transits of the outer planets to the Midheaven or its dispositor, or to the natal Sun and its dispositor, as well as during the progressed lunar trine, and the progressed Full Moon, as well as transits or progressions to the Midheaven or its dispositor, the Sun or its dispositor.

Especially important in understanding timing in vocational development is the Jupiter-Saturn transit cycle, discussed below. Vocational astrology teaches us how the seasons of business and professional life are correlated with planetary cycles and transits. This awareness is especially important when working with business owners, private practitioners, and self-employed people, who face the issue of fluctuating income.

By following our transits we can understand when the well is likely to be full, and when the well may be less full. For example, during Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, business tends to be slower for everyone. Periodically we need the lesson of survival, focusing on bare essentials, cutting away unnecessary attachments and luxuries, and sharing, to some small degree, in the survival stresses affecting many people around the world. In any vocational path there are likely to be long periods of gestation of creative work, or total obscurity or lack of recognition.

These periods require that we sustain ourselves as best we can, and continue to work, create, and emanate light through whatever activities make us feel happy: music, writing, astrology, sports, flying airplanes. Whatever we love to do, we do it for it own sake, not to win accolades from the world. Our goal is to fulfill the whole chart, not just the career indicators. With Sun conjunct Jupiter-Saturn, he was fully identified with his career and social role.

But not everybody is like that. There are some people whose calling in life is to devote themselves to children, music, community organizing, cooking, scholarship, art, gardening, poetry. Neptune poses some unique challenges in career and vocational development. At these times we need to cultivate faith, imagination, and trust in the unknown. For example, any time transiting Neptune is conjunct, square, or opposite natal Saturn we can expect to pass through a period of uncertainty about our goals and ambitions.

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We might have to accept delays or defeat of our ego strivings. She was advancing in her work as an artist, allowing her imagination to take flight, and she was deeply studying dreams, meditation, and astrology. But Beth felt she needed some concrete plan for getting her life together. She has Sun-Mercury in Sagittarius, the sign of education.

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Jupiter, the planet of teaching and education, is on the Ascendant. She has a strong intellectual nature, and needs further study and education. Beth came to understand how the Neptune transit to natal Saturn was allowing new goals to emerge from within, which she could pursue during subsequent transits, now that the Neptune meltdown period was almost over.