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Story from Horoscopes. The month begins on a tense note with a Mars-Pluto square. Everyone should watch what they say and how they react to each other on February first.

But have no fear , relief is on the way. Communicative Mercury will sextile fiery Mars on the Feb 7th helping everyone to talk about their needs and intentions. The sun and Jupiter will also sextile on this day bringing an energy of positivity and open-mindedness. Change-making Uranus will conjoin with ambitious Mars from the Feb 11th to 14th.

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How will you tap into your creativity and make your dreams a reality? Dreamy Neptune conjuncts charming Venus on February 17th, putting us in the mood to treat ourselves.

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If you go shopping, make sure that you don't go overboard — avoid creating clutter for yourself. In fact, try to get rid of one thing that you don't need, and replace it with one that will suit your needs best! Virgo's full moon on the nineteenth will help us to get organized. We enter Pisces season on the twentieth, helping us to tap into our introspective sides.

February 11th Zodiac

Mars will sextile with the sun on the twenty-seventh, creating a positive, energetic vibration. Pluto, on the other hand, is the planet that rules secrets, what is hidden from plain sight. As these two planets align together, they will create a sextile, which means they are about 60 degrees from one another. This creates a beneficial and positive energy for us, influencing our zodiac signs and love horoscopes, whether we want it to or not.

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This sextile means that whatever issues or themes these two bring up will feel good. In this case, new love could be on the way or an existing relationship is about to grow to new depths.

Search Results for “Venus in Aquarius” – Page 11 – Kelly Surtees Astrology

While Pluto was still in Capricorn, as the outer planets tend to stay in signs much longer than the inner planets, Venus was finishing up her time in Pisces and getting ready to move into Aries, so the energy was different. Perhaps we were dreamier and still wearing those rose-colored glasses when it came to a connection.

We were feeling the love, but were we really seeing and feeling the reality of our partner or a situation? Likely not.

Zodiac Signs: Know All About Your Sun Signs

A lot has changed since last Spring. Our mindset and attitude are naturally different towards the end of the year, rather than the beginning. While we only know if something lasts forever once it does, love is still a choice. To choose to love them when they lose their job, to choose to love them when they're sick, or when they betray us and likely hurt us.

Love is a choice that two people must make every single day, because while love itself is an emotion and feeling, it also is an action.